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Mind-Body Therapy


Learn Healing Brain LLC - Lea Brainerd, PA-C, PCC, knows that it’s critical to be fully aware of your mental and physical health. We can help you find the appropriate solutions for effective treatment if you know exactly what you need. We can provide you with a personalized brain health blueprint to assess your physical and mental health needs. Your health coach will do a full consultation to evaluate all areas of your life and determine where you need the most support.

Your personalized report includes a full set of documents with beautifully designed, easy-to-follow plans to make up your unique brain health and life blueprint. Your blueprint includes complete health, fitness, nutrition, and psychological exercise plans that perfectly meet your needs for self-development. Your plan can also include labs, supplements, and holistic management of conditions.

With mind-body therapy and integrated medicine techniques, we look at your whole self and find personalized solutions for you. When your mind and body work together, you will get better results. With a customized brain health blueprint, we can give you a plan to achieve your goals and get you back to health. We can provide you with a one-time service or a monthly health coaching subscription plan for monthly check-ins. Get in touch today for holistic therapy in the Memphis, TN, area and beyond.

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