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Nutrition Health


As a premier wellness coach based in Memphis, TN, Learn Healing Brain LLC - Lea Brainerd, PA-C, PCC is dedicated to providing quality advice for your health and diet through expert nutritional plans.

With expert nutritional counseling, our accredited nutritionist welcomes any inquiries you may have about your dietary intake. This includes questions about best eating practices for improved health and vitamins or minerals that you may be lacking in your diet. Nutrition is an essential aspect of complete wellness optimization. Whether it is for weight loss or an improved immune system, nutrition can make or break your health. We can provide you with an initial consultation to create individualized nutrition and meal plans to address your unique needs. Every person is different, so you can count on getting a plan that will work just for you. Your health coach will help you achieve your goals!

You can achieve health and wellness by eating properly, and we’re here to help you by informing you what’s good for your body and what isn’t. With personalized nutrition and fitness planning, you will be on your way to feeling happy and healthy. For nutrition health planning, don’t hesitate to reach out and get started today.

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